He is coming home (?!)

11 10 2011

1935 days… only 19 years old… 3 letters… 1 tape… 1027 criminals set free…

These are the numbers in this strange equation. I can’t begin to unfold the strange world we are leaving in. 19 years old, 1935 days kept prisoner by maybe the most cruels persons (if you can call them that) in the world. 1935 days before the strange light at the end of the tunel turns on… there is nothing sure. Yes, an agreement has been signed, but will his family really have him home? Will they really touch him and hug him? Is this really true? Is this kid going to see the inside of his home once again? Laugh with his family and eat the meals his mother prepares, will he sleep once again in his own bed??

 I can surely only hope so… Whole Israel hopes so.

I won’t get now in the why and what I think about it. He will be home and that is what matters.

It’s heart breaking if you think about it. Only 19 years old,  1935 days! Can you imagine?! Can you feel the pain? The ache that is haunting his soul?! The dispair of his parents?! The tears shed so justly by his mom?! The anger of his powerless father?! The love and missing of his brother and sister?! Can you?! Can someone see all these 5 years of pain, ripped away and broken?! I can’t even start to imagine and my heart is breaking! He was just a kid! He IS a kid!

 Everytime I see his tape I get the chills, my heart breaks, he was only a kid, he was supposed to play with his friends, fall inlove and maybe have his heartbroken for the first time, go to pubs, take trips abroad, try to find as crazy what he wants to do with his life. Instead of that, his dream for 5 years is simple „Bring me home!” and his voice is breaking.

His brother, this evening gave me the chills when asked what will he do when he first sees Gilad, the answer was so achingly truthful and touching „Hug him and see that he is real!”

And right now the answer got through; it has been aproved, he is getting home…

Gilad, we are awaiting your return!

Gilad Shalit just weeks before the kidnap

Gilad Shalit just weeks before the kidnap




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