Awesome is…

8 11 2011

Just getting on Facebook and seeing messages from the people that make you smile……..



Because we choose life…

17 10 2011

1941 days…. 1 day left… tomorrow he is getting home.

I said I won’t say anything, I won’t write about it, but I can’t just not say anything.

Yes! We are living in  a crazy world, a deal like this is crazy to begin with, 1027 killers with blood on their hands, 1027 killers that any other country would’ve probably killed a long time ago, 1027 killers for one boy! Unimaginable!  But do-able!

Crazy? YES!

Insane? Abso-fu**ing-lutely!!

Cruel, you ask??? I’ld most definitely say so!!

A mistake? NO! That one NO!!! WHY?  And who am I to say that?  Yes, is true, I didn’t loose anyone in my close family to terrorist attacks and I hope I never will, I lost an uncle, killed by arabs he worked with, and no, I don’t take that easy, but NO!

We don’t choose death, we choose life, we fight for it, we fight for liberty, for truth, for freedom, we fight for Gilad, because the life of one, no matter who that soldier is, is more important than revenge. Because we choose to believe that we are better than that, because we want from all this wrong one thing to thriumph in the end and that is LIFE!

It was a bold thing to do, an impossible deal to make, a crazy unimaginable agreement to sign, sent like from the depths of hel itself, kind of Sophie’s Choice, but this is the cruel reality we are living and dealing with, and between two wrongs, we choose the less evil of them two, we choose to save a life, to save a soul, we choose one family to save, the only one there is left to save. No one says Gilad is more important and as cruel as it sounds, he is the only one alive now!

My heart goes out to everyfamily that has lost a son, a daughter, a mother, a brother, a sister,parents, grandparents, but by keeping their killers in prison (and let’s not talk about their unbelievable conditions!)  it won’t bring them back, but we CAN stop another family to go through the same hell, we can stop the Shalit family from having the same destiny by bringing him home, NOW!

I don’t applaud the deal, I don’t applaud the release of cold blood murderers, I don’t celebrate releasing killers, as Netanyahu said, and I so much agree with that, I really don’t!   But I applaud Netanyahu!

I stand up and applaud him! For the courage to say „It is time to get this boy home!”, „It is time to do the unthinkable, the bold, the courageous!”, „It is time to even have negotiations with terrorists, if that is what it takes to bring this boy back home.”      We are probably the only country in the world that has agreed to negotiate with terrorists, let’s not speak about signing a deal, but that makes us so much more human, so much more alive and heroic, that makes Netanyahu go up the ladder so many steps in my eyes.

For him, one life is more important than 1027 terrorists! 1 Israeli for 1027 Phalestinians. Think about it!! That speaks louder than words.

This deal is maybe crazy, maybe insane, maybe cruel, but infact what our Prime Minister has done it is simply to celebrate a jewish life!

And for that the whole Israel should applaud him!! I know I DO!

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16 10 2011

He is coming home (?!)

11 10 2011

1935 days… only 19 years old… 3 letters… 1 tape… 1027 criminals set free…

These are the numbers in this strange equation. I can’t begin to unfold the strange world we are leaving in. 19 years old, 1935 days kept prisoner by maybe the most cruels persons (if you can call them that) in the world. 1935 days before the strange light at the end of the tunel turns on… there is nothing sure. Yes, an agreement has been signed, but will his family really have him home? Will they really touch him and hug him? Is this really true? Is this kid going to see the inside of his home once again? Laugh with his family and eat the meals his mother prepares, will he sleep once again in his own bed??

 I can surely only hope so… Whole Israel hopes so.

I won’t get now in the why and what I think about it. He will be home and that is what matters.

It’s heart breaking if you think about it. Only 19 years old,  1935 days! Can you imagine?! Can you feel the pain? The ache that is haunting his soul?! The dispair of his parents?! The tears shed so justly by his mom?! The anger of his powerless father?! The love and missing of his brother and sister?! Can you?! Can someone see all these 5 years of pain, ripped away and broken?! I can’t even start to imagine and my heart is breaking! He was just a kid! He IS a kid!

 Everytime I see his tape I get the chills, my heart breaks, he was only a kid, he was supposed to play with his friends, fall inlove and maybe have his heartbroken for the first time, go to pubs, take trips abroad, try to find as crazy what he wants to do with his life. Instead of that, his dream for 5 years is simple „Bring me home!” and his voice is breaking.

His brother, this evening gave me the chills when asked what will he do when he first sees Gilad, the answer was so achingly truthful and touching „Hug him and see that he is real!”

And right now the answer got through; it has been aproved, he is getting home…

Gilad, we are awaiting your return!

Gilad Shalit just weeks before the kidnap

Gilad Shalit just weeks before the kidnap

As vrea…

11 06 2011

As vrea sa fiu un nor. Sa plutesc cu indiferenta in albastru cerului. As vrea sa fiu o pasare sa zbor cu gratie prin cerul orasului meu. As vrea sa fiu un nor sa umbresc cladirile si oglindirea ta in sufletul meu. As vrea sa fiu o pasare, sa ciripesc in Cismigiul meu, sa ciripesc in sufletul tau.

As vrea sa pot pluti si zbura din durerea incatusata in patul nostru. Sa las lacrimile sa ude frunzele si sa mi le usuce vantul. As vrea sa pot zbura libera, mereu, sa nu mai simt  ca mor cand lacrimile imi inneaca sufletul!

As vrea sa fiu un nor.

Black Rain…

27 10 2010

Poza de aici

Ploua cu stropi negri in inima mea… universul se strange pana nu ramane nimic decat un punct. Stau goala sub punctul ce o data era universul meu si ma acopar cu o frunza de stropii negri ce imi ard pielea.  Au secat lacrimile, s-au transformat in ploaia acida ce imi arde urma ultimei imbratisari si imi polueaza pielea cu mirosul gri de singurate, rapind o data cu el urma parfumului tau de pe adancurile sufletului meu…. 

Ma strang si ma micsorez, ma concentrez intr-un punct de rece tristete, si as vrea sa ma topesc in picaturile de ploaie acida, sa ma scurg impreuna cu lacrimile unui ieri mai stralucitor, sa ma diluez in suferinta visurilor ce nu vor mai lua forma, sa nu mai simt cum tristetea imi arde urma lasata de imbratisarea ta…

Poza de aici


„. . . then black despair The shadow of a starless night, was thrown
Over the world in which I moved alone.” ~Percy Bysshe Shelley

Be careful what you wish for…

20 10 2010


„Ieri seara stateam cu nevasta-mea de vorba despre eutanasiere si i-am spus:
– Sa nu ma lasi niciodata sa stau într-o stare vegetativa, sa fiu dependent de niste masini si alimentat cu lichide. Daca o sa fiu vreodata într-o astfel de stare, te rog sa debransezi toate aparatele care ma tin în viata !.
Si atunci ea s-a ridicat, a închis televizorul si calculatorul si mi-a aruncat berea la chiuveta…” Don Pedro